Our goal is to create jobs for people
who have experienced prison or probation 
and find it difficult to secure employment. 

A criminal record can often present a barrier for people as they attempt to move on with their lives. PACE provides training and meaningful work opportunities for people who are progressing into mainstream employment. 

We want to help change the attitudes of potential employers and the wider community towards former prisoners, who are trying to turn their lives around.

Take a look behind the scenes…

The strength of our business comes from our trainees and workers. Their designs and the craftsmanship of the furniture and horticulture products that they produce is what makes us a success. As with other social enterprises, any surplus income we make is re-invested back into the organisation so we can continue to provide quality training and career opportunities for trainees. 

Customers include local authorities, businesses, residential associations and sport clubs. You too can buy these durable and colourful furniture and horticulture products and beautify your outdoor space!

‘It has been a pleasure to work with PACE Social Enterprise over the past number of years. PACE has continuously adapted with new product ranges, while providing much needed jobs for talented people with past convictions.
Maggie, Vinny and the entire staff team are all change makers!’

Siobhan Cafferty, Social Enterprise Project Manager for the Criminal Justice Sector

Why PACE makes a difference

‘ Since I’ve been working with PACE Social Enterprise, I feel like I am back in society. When you’re locked up, you forget what the real world is like. There’s a lot to learn on ‘the outside’

 Social Enterprise Trainee

‘ The prisoners and ex-offenders working with PACE, gardening is not simply a hobby, it’s a way of reintegrating and routing yourself into the world outside.’

The Irish Independent

Our Funders/Supporters

The Irish Probation Service


The Irish Social Enterprise Network



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