Contemporary Steel Street Planters

Fabricated steel planters are an increasingly popular feature of streetscapes, parks and the curtilages of private and public buildings.

Long-lasting, versatile and easy to maintain, they offer a minimalist and contemporary enhancement to a public space, working equally well with modern or traditional architecture and with an array of planting styles.

PACE manufactures steel planters that are customisable in size and colour.

Seating—available in wood or plastic composite—is optional and can be created to wrap around the planter entirely, or to feature on just one, two or three sides only.

You can also choose from a range of colours. We use an industrial, electrostatic process known as powder coating to achieve a highly durable, smooth finish. The two-tone effect in the image is achieved by colouring the components before the product is assembled.

We also offer a range of planting combinations, and are happy to advise on the most suitable planting for your location.

For further information (including pricing) on our fabricated steel planters and metalwork products, please contact us at 087 406 1989 or

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