PACE Powder Coating Service

Black and yellow Wagner powder coating gun on white background.

PACE has launched a Powder Coating Service at its Santry Base in Dublin 9.

Powder Coating is used by businesses and individuals who require their products to be painted and finished to a standard that is harder wearing, more durable and more flexible than what can be achieved using conventional painting processes or sprays.

Typical users include mechanics, car and motorcycle enthusiasts, industrial designers and product designers, sculptors and artists, inventors, makers and upcyclers, engineers and architects, manufacturers and fabricators.

Powder Coating involves a process known as electrostatic spray deposition and is used for achieving a high quality, professional finish on car parts, alloy wheels, motorbike and bicycle frames, railings, gates, window frames and outdoor furniture, metal sculptures, crafts and ornaments.

For more information on this service and on how powder coating works, please visit the PACE Powder Coating website at

Powder coated black alloy wheel.
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