Make the most of your outdoor space with the range of wooden picnic tables from PACE!

Long-lasting, sturdy, stable and strong—and available in a range of colours—a PACE picnic table is ideal for outdoor dining, entertaining, relaxing …or even working!

A wooden picnic table says ‘Summer’,—even in the winter—and is a must-have piece of furniture in a home garden. Perfect for outdoor get-togethers, summer parties and barbeques, it’s also a warm reminder of the sunshine when the days are short and chilly.

You can choose from a range that includes standard (rectangular), circular, easy-access, wheelchair-accessible and children’s tables …and don’t forget we can customise so, if you don’t see what you need on our website, please give us a call at 087 406 1989 or email to let us know what you require.

The easy-access picnic tables allow a person to slide into the seat rather than them having to lift one’s leg over the A-frame. They are ideal for people with low mobility

The single and double wheeelchair-accessible picnic tables are designed to comfortably accommodate one and two wheelchair users respectively while also featuring easy-access seats. Available in a variety of colours, all tables are suitable for gardens, patios and terraces as well as parks and other public spaces.

This robust, four-seater, children’s picnic table is a colourful—and functional—addition to any home, garden, play area or childcare facility. Available as multi-coloured or single-coloured, rectangular or circular, it has high weather resistance, so it can be used outdoors as well as indoors.

Manufactured at our Santry workshop with pressure-treated spruce wood, galvanized fittings and quality paints, all our benches are hardwearing and sturdy, with good weather resistence. Our picnic tables are used by home owners, restaurants, pubs, hotels, hospitals, and by individuals and businesses who value our social mission … and who enjoy summer!

Order yours now and please contact us directly if you require any further information.

T 087 406 1989 E.

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