Powder Coating

Finish First!

PROFESSIONAL POWDER COATING for mechanics, upcyclers, inventors, manufacturers, sculptors, makers, artists, producers, product designers, industrial designers, architects, model makers, car enthusiasts, fabricators, engineers, sign makers… 

Achieve a beautiful powder coat finish on your…

car parts, alloy wheels, motorbike and bicycle frames
railings, gates, window frames and outdoor furniture
sculptures, metal crafts and ornaments
  … in fact, on any metal object–decorative or functional–that conducts electricity!

Visit the PACE Powder Coating website at
Let us know what you need | Get a quote | Arrange a drop-off or pick-up
You can contact us at 087 103 8187 
or info@pacepowdercoating.com

We can also arrange for pick-up and return Monday-Friday.
Pick up and return rates will depend on the size of your object.
Please expect a 24-hour turnaround.

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